Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Secret To Beautiful Glowing Skin.

I was a sports enthusiast during my teenage years and hitting the beach every weekend was a norm. Skin recovery was fantastic back in my "younger" days, I did not have to worry about sunburns because it recovered really quickly! Applying sunscreen was considered optional to me when I was out under the sun. Regrettably, those years of accumulated damages I had caused to my skin came haunting me later in my mid 20s. To make things worst, hormones have wrecked more havoc on my skin after I gave birth to my baby girl. I was at a loss of what I should do to my poor skin condition ):

As I am born with fair complexion, flaws on my skin looked magnified. My skin looked older and makeup became patchy after awhile. I've tried many brightening skincare products, going to brightening facials and even visited skin doctor but none helped. I was on the brink of giving up hope on reviving my skin. Well, Lady Luck must have been on my side when I got to know The Moisturizers Co.

A short background info on The Moisturizers Co.

The Moisturisers Co. specialises in moisturizers and believes in the importance of a quality moisturizer that could deliver endless skin-loving benefits once added to the skincare routine. They are committed to create face moisturizers of the highest quality and efficacy, that combines natural botanical actives and clinical grade actives in its formulations. The Moisturisers Co. is dedicated to offer all valued customers the best in the most essential step of their skincare routine. 


Anyway, I was invited to try their new Brightening Moisturizing Cream with Arbutin and Vitamins. And best part is... 

So here it is...

One thing that I like about the Brightening Moisturizing Cream is that it is very convenient to bring it everywhere I go! I enjoy hotel staycations and does workouts at the gym pretty often. I hated the fact that I needed to pack different bottles of skincare products into my toiletries bag. After getting to know of the Brightening Moisturizing Cream, it becomes fuss-free to keep my skin in good condition even when I'm away from home. (It has been with me to many gym sessions for the past weeks already!) Reason being is that the cream is a one-step serum-infused brightening & moisturizing moisturiser, that said, I save the hassle of bringing an additional serum with me. All I need for my skin is in the cream. Just Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise and I'm good to go!

Now, here's the exciting part... Let's talk about the the skin goodness in the jar of Brightening Moisturizing Cream with Arbutin & Vitamins it has been providing me.

Here's a photo of me sans makeup taken BEFORE I started using the Brightening Moisturizing Cream.

As you can see, the conditions of my skin was really bad. ):
  1. Uneven skin tone that causes overall dullness of the skin.
  2. Brown spots due to pimples from the past.
  3. Dehydrated skin that causes patchiness/roughness of the skin.
The Brightening Moisturizing Cream comes with a gel-like cream texture which absorbs well into my skin. As it does not leave any sticky feeling to the skin, but instead makes my skin feels plump and luxuriously soft almost instantly, I diligently use it over my face and neck every day and night, hoping it will bring "miracle" to my skin.

To my surprise, in just two weeks of usage, I could see some improvements to my skin! I can feel that my skin is well hydrated now, fewer lines caused by dehydration on my face. It is generally smoother! And as stated on the classy-looking packaging, the cream contains highly active skin brightening ingredient like Arbutin which effectively lightens skin pigmentation while preventing the formation of melanin (dark spots). YES! Brown spots on my face are still visible but are undoubtedly lighter in color! Skin tone appears to be more even and brighter!

Although I still do not have perfectly flawless skin yet since it was not long ago from the start of using the Brightening Moisturizing Cream but I believe my skin will be glowing with radiance with prolonged usage because I'm seeing progressive results to my once thought to be helpless skin already!

Have been sharing with my friends my good experience with the Brightening Moisturizing Cream since I started using the product. Many similar questions were raised among them and so I thought I might as well do a FAQs here. Hope it helps!

What type of skin type is suitable to use the Brightening Moisturizing Cream?
It is suitable for normal to dry skin.

The packaging on the Brightening Moisturizing Cream stated to apply the cream in the evening. Does it mean that I cannot use the cream during the day?
Absolutely not! You can use it during the day too! But be sure to slap on sunscreen after the cream because it does not contain SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

Do I need to apply serum/essence before the Brightening Moisturizing Cream?
The answer is yes and no. Yes if the serum you're using is targeted on other concerns besides whitening and hydration. For e.g. Anti-aging. And no, you do not need to if you just want to have a brighter and more supple skin. Like I've mentioned earlier on, Brightening Moisturizing Cream alone can do the job as it is formulated with rich actives and infused with serum.

Can I apply on my eye area too?
Although its a gel-like cream that absorbs well into the skin, it is still not recommended to apply on eye area. The skin around our eye area is thinner than the other parts of our face so it can be too rich for the eye area.

I heard whitening products can cause irritations to the skin easily. Is Arbutin too harsh for my skin?
Arbutin is gentler than other skin-brightening ingredients because its active component is released slowly. It is actually a better choice than other skin-lightening agents especially for the sensitive skin.

I'm born with darker skin tone.
That's not true! Your skin tone is largely determined by the amount of melanin, or the pigment, in your skin. Everyone has some level of melanin in the skin. When you go out in the sun your skin produces more melanin to protect itself from the sun’s radiation. In fact, people with darker skin tones have more melanin. And as you age, concentrated spots of melanin can create age spots, often referred to as liver spots. A skin brightening cream can be a potential solution to prevent or get rid of those spots. As you use skin brighteners, the amount of melanin in your skin will become reduced and your skin will look lighter, in the same way that a tan eventually fades.

I am concerned with their products because it is a new start up brand.
The Moisturizers Co. products are manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified conditions. They are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. So rest assure that they are safe!

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women use the Brightening Moisturizer Cream?
It is advisable for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies to check with medical specialists before usage.

Is it true that we can do our part for social or animal welfare causes when we purchase The Moisturizers Co. products?
Yes, it is! The Moisturisers Co. is a team of animal lovers, hoping to do more for the local strays. A donation of $1 from every product sale will be made to the Cat Welfare Society Singapore (CWS) in hope of saving more strays! You can do your part too while you achieve beautiful skin!

Lastly, I would like say that the results will not be the same for every user because everyone's skin reacts differently. It may take days or months to see realistic results but nevertheless, take the first step and give what I called the "Hope In A Jar" a try today! You might be on your way to a healthier glowing skin! (:

Visit The Moisturizers Co. website for more details!

Don't forget to use my coupon code "FAITH10" upon checking out for an extra 10%off!

Friday, 11 March 2016

Turns out, We Are Raising Our Daughters The Wrong Way All These While!

Recently, I met up with a stay at mother for an afternoon tea. Just like me, she has a daughter too, probably just a couple of months older than my 15 months old baby. We have attended several mothers' group gatherings together and she seemed like a nice lady who was always keen to share baby care tips among us. Surprisingly, our meet up was not what I've expected though. I felt ridiculous and insulted at the end of our tea session. Cut long story short, our entire conversation revolved with her telling me on how parents can give as much as possible to our daughters, even if it is to cut down on essential expenses so as to save money for our daughters to wear well, eat good and go to expensive classes. She strongly believes that daughters should be treated like princesses in order to grow up into cultivated women. I couldn't disagree more but I didn't want to start a debate with her because she seemed really proud of how she took great care her princess. As we bid farewell at the end of our meeting, she gave Liv one last look and turned back to me. With a serious tone in her voice, she said, "I have been wanting to tell you this from the moment we met just now.. Perhaps you should start raising your child well.. Do give Liv the best, she needs to wear better clothes." I got really offended. Was she implying that I am not raising my child well because Liv was not wearing clothes that she thinks was good enough?! I handpicked every single pieces of Liv's clothes, making sure they are all made of comfortable quality materials! I did not expect such insensitive hurtful words to come from that lovely lady I had always thought she was. Anyway, no one has ever seen this woman who dresses her baby in Baby Dior and I appearing at the same time in group gatherings again since then.

 “富养女” is widely practised by many. It means to let the daughter lead an abundant life.

Some parents provide limitless material comforts and money to their daughters unconditionally even under unacceptable circumstances, excusing daughters from all sorts of house chores that they believe will ruin their precious little girl's delicate hands and also signing them up for arts and music classes, in hopes of them growing up into an elegant and tasteful fine lady. Like the lady I've chanced upon, these good intentions parents may be unaware of the true meaning of "abundant" all these while.

Abundant life does not refer to "wealthy life". The true meaning of it is to amply nurture our daughters mind and moral character. Not be arrogant but be modest. Not be bossy but be assertive. Not be ignorant but be knowledgable. Not be insensitive of others' feelings but be considerate. That said, there's nothing wrong giving the best to our daughters, just don't over do it. You can save up every pennies to "cultivate" your daughter but she is more likely to grow up into a spoilt "princess" who wants everything her way instead of who you originally wanted her to be. Material comforts and money are probably not proper ways to "mold" our girls into capable grown ups. An outstanding fine lady can only be nurtured in an environment where her family instils the right ways of life and moral to her from the very beginning..

  • The more INITIATIVE you take, the more DILIGENT she'll be.
  • The more you want to BE YOURSELF, the more INDEPENDENT she'll be.
  • The more CONFIDENT you have, the more SELF-ASSURED she'll be.
  • The more TRUTHFUL you are, the more HONEST she'll be.
  • The more COMPASSIONATE you are, the more KIND-HEARTED she'll be.
  • The more POSITIVE you are, the more APPRECIATIVE she'll be.

Family teaching and influence is crucial...

Lastly, a word to all selfless parents.. It must have been hard on you but you know what? You don't have to give up yourself just so that you can put in your 200% effort on raising capable children. Pamper yourself, continuously improve yourself and don't forget to love yourself as you love your child. When they see the change in you, a fresh you who is happy with your life, they will take you as their role model and want to be like you. Your influence is the greatest. It is beyond any material comforts they can have and any classes they can ever attend.

"Children are mirrors of their parents."  First, make our lives an abundant one and they will soon follow.. (:

Monday, 22 February 2016

Caring for my baby with Pampers Baby Dry.


Giving my baby the best in every possible ways within my means..

hoping she would grow up healthily and happily..
Mothers-to-be and new mothers face one common problem. That is, "What suitable products to get for my baby?" I was in that confused state too, overwhelmed by the huge selections of baby products. One thing I was very concerned about was the type of diaper for my baby. Diapers play an important part during babies' growing years, at least for their first two to almost three years (depending on individual's development progress) where wearing them are inevitable. I strongly believes that a good diaper is essential for the healthy development of a baby because quality diaper equates to more sleep, more movements and less chances of having skin irritations. That translates to a generally happier baby who can focus on learning and exploring. So, what is my best bet for diaper choice?

It got to be PAMPERS BABY DRY!

You probably would think this is an advertorial, of course I would promote Pampers as much as I can. But as a mother myself, I may be able to empathise with mothers too. We want to provide the best for our babies in every possible ways within our means. I sincerely hope to share every goodness I get to know with all loving mothers. 

Before that, I would like to share my past experiences on diapers...

It was not a hit on target on diapers, there were many trials and errors before I finally found the perfect suitable fit for her. The first baby diaper which Liv used was Brand X, the one which is widely used in local hospitals. Just one day old, Liv had mild red rash at her nappy area. Many babies have swollen genitals during the first few days of birth so as a first time mother, I presumed that was the cause. I continued using the starter pack of X which was given to Liv to use at home even though I had a pack of newborn diapers, Brand Y ready for her. As soon as Liv wet her diaper each time, her bottom started becoming red. Brand X was not even damped with her urine! Again, I thought it was normal for the redness to come and go, that it should probably subside in a few days time. I could still remember two days after returning home from hospital, Liv had to go back to the hospital again to check for jaundice as she had a slightly higher level of bilirubin levels upon discharge. We were out for barely four hours and she was already crying so badly. It turned out to be a bad painful looking rash around her nappy area. I realised I've made a grave mistake! The redness she had been having was far from being normal, it had been causing irritations to her bottom all these while! Poor girl! We finally swopped her to Brand Y diapers. Nappy rash never happened again since then.

Seems like problem solved isn't it? NOT YET! There was this issue that bothered husband and I although Brand Y provided good comfort wear and Liv had zero negative reactions to it. Brand Y is said to be superb in absorbency but because Liv has always been a heavy wetter, she had wet her pants on many occasions when I changed her. Friends who swear by Brand Y for their babies suggested that I could change Liv's diapers more frequently and initially, I did. But because babies use many diapers each day and everyday. And the fact that Brand Y is slightly pricier than many diaper brands in the market, I felt the need to look for a better and affordable alternative.

So, the third diaper, Brand Z came along. It was recommended by my confinement nanny. At that time, it made sense to believe her since she over a decade of experience with babies. Brand Z provided good absorbency (occasionally leakage but that was fine), good breathability and has a wetness indicator sign. There was one thing I didn't like about Brand Z. The sides of the diaper is a little too rough for babies' tender skin, it sometimes causes abrasions to the inner folds of Liv's thighs. Nevertheless, I felt it was a better choice among the three brands and make do with it until Pampers gave me a chance to discover the ideal diaper for my baby. Pampers has since became my most trusted diaper brand.

So why did I choose Pampers?

Initially, I was skeptical about trying Pampers on Liv because I have had quite a handful of negative experiences with different brands of diapers. Pampers Baby Dry diapers appeared to be thin and  I wasn't sure if they are absorbent enough for a heavy wetter like Liv. Since Pampers are the leading brand for diapers, I decided to go ahead and give them a try. They must be good with something in order to be ranked world's number one, isn't it? And yes! Pampers Baby Dry is incredibly awesome! Liv had her very first try on Pampers Baby Dry one night and the next morning when I gave her a fresh diaper change, I was amazed by how highly absorbent it was. The diaper was heavily soaked with a night of pee but I could feel no moist against Liv's skin, her bottom was kept unbelievably smooth and dry! She used to get restless in bed on some nights when her diapers were too wet against her skin and the fact that she co-sleeps with me, I got woken up by her several times a night. I realised she has been sleeping well through the night since day one after switching her to Pampers. No more tossing and turning nor waking from sleep due to discomfort. A well rested baby is a happy baby and a well rested mother is a happy mother too! Thanks to Pampers Baby Dry, Liv's sleep is not compromised, she gets quality sleep that she needs. She is an even happier and alert baby now, always eager to explore her surroundings. As for me, I am more attuned to her needs and less temperamental.

Superior dryness allows Liv to have better sleep..

She is well-rested...

more alert...

Eager to learn new things..

and HAPPY!

Well, I cannot recall the number of times I cried along with Liv when she developed diaper rash. It really broke my heart to see her cried badly, her high pitched cries sounded so painful. I felt like an inferior mother who was unable to take good care of my baby. It pained me to see her all sullen and cranky each time she experienced diaper rash. These frustrations which she and I were facing were finally over when we were first introduced to Pampers Baby Dry. Its soft touch layer effectively absorbs wetness away from Liv's skin and keeps her dry all the time. It is like a barrier between Liv's skin and her urine. It prevents moist and stickiness. Her bottom is always smooth to touch! And the best part is that I never have to worry about any sorts of skin irritations she may experience again.

Less worries..

More bonding..

Another plus point of Pampers Baby Dry is it's cottony cover. So far the softest diaper among all diapers I've tried on Liv. I'm pretty sure she loves them because she is VERY agile now! Its important for babies to roam around as much as possible because I believe that's when they master the fundamental movements and move with confidence and control on their own. In order for our cutie pies to want to take their first move, we need to first provide them with a comfortable wear so they feel unrestricted with their movements. Liv is now moving around so much that I consider following behind her as a workout. :p I could see that she is at ease while she crawls and walks, practically all of her movements are so carefree!

Moving around..
Climbing up and down..

Lastly, getting Liv to change ain't easy job. It looks more like a wrestling match than a diaper change session. She squirms and never stays still! I needed to tape and re-tape the diaper sides over and over again to make sure they are wore properly and comfortably for her. Sometimes I re-taped the sides so often that the sides are torn. When I first gotten my first pack of Pampers Baby Dry, I was excited to know that it comes with stretchy tape sides. They are such an easy wear! It allows me to adjust to Liv's waist fit with a breeze. Always "right on target" while still providing maximum comfort around her waist! 

I personally feel that Pampers is more than just a diaper maker. Its diapers are thoughtfully designed, taking into considerations on all aspects of a baby's needs and growth. It makes me feel that they too, care for my baby's healthy development like I do.. Liv's healthy development is my number one concern and I am happy to have found Pampers.

Liv has been using Pampers Baby Dry for more than two months now. No diaper rash, no leaky diapers, and no fuss diaper change! She is definitely one bubbly baby now!

Pampers Baby Dry is my trusted diaper choice. So is Liv's! :D

*This article can also be found on Singapore's leading digital parenting magazine, Asianparent. 
Click on the link below to visit the page:

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Two Mothers In One Home: You And Your In-Law.

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It's been more than a year that Lisa* is living under one roof with her in laws after she got married to her husband. Things looked perfectly fine and harmonious in the family. Frequent family dining, plenty of conversations etc. As a new addition to the family, Lisa was very well taken care of by his husband's family too, they treated her like one of them. It was indeed one big happy family. It wasn't as much of the same as before since the birth of Lisa's first baby girl though. For instance, there are two mothers instead of one in the house. Lisa is one, her mother in law is the other. They have never bickered over anything but this changed when baby arrived in the family. This cute little baby girl is the love of Lisa's life (besides her husband) and is also the precious princess of her grandmother. That was when problems started arising and how "The Clash of the  Mothers" began. Both Lisa and her mother in law wants to shower baby girl with love and care in THIER OWN WAYS.

Man are made uniquely different. That said, mothers are unique individuals too. Because of the indifferences in caring and loving Lisa's baby, there were many times Lisa and her mother in law got into "friendly" disagreements. They did not raise their voices, it was more like a "try to keep the smile" while they debated. But deep down, both of them weren't exactly happy. Neither of them were to blame, It just happened that the two caring mothers are loving the same baby...under one roof.

Lisa was very determined right from the start to raise her baby the way she wants. Well, it did not turn out the way she wanted it to be. Somewhere, somehow, her ways just get interfered with. Living under the same roof, no one want things to turn ugly in the family, Lisa too, longed for peace in the family. Thus, she does not know how to make it clear to her mother in law in the nicest way so that she will fully return Lisa her rights to raise her own baby and still not be offended.

Lisa perfectly understands that everything her mother in law has done for her baby was good. They were acts of love to her baby but she couldn't help having occasional meltdown. Her mother in law's presence around her baby makes Lisa nervous. People said anxiety and moodiness are part of baby blues and they will go away when the body feels better from childbirth. They never really go away In Lisa's case. The intensity of her anxiety level pretty much fluctuates like a roller coaster. Her baby is one year of age now and she is still tensed. She has never stopped worrying..

When baby was on total milk feedings, she was worried that her baby was being overfed or underfed.

When baby first started crawling, she was worried that her baby got placed in the baby walker all the time to "learn walk and skip crawling".

When baby looked at adults' food in curiosity before she hits 6 months mark, she was worried that her baby was fed with food. (Lisa's worry was valid, being extra careful wasn't overreacting because what if her baby really did had a food allergy and she was fed with it?) 

And when baby first started solid food, she was even worried that her baby was fed with all sorts of food.

The list just goes on and on and on... 

Most of the time, Lisa gets her say over her baby. But as long as there are two mothers in the same house, she has never been in full control as a role of a mother. The two mothers in the house have 2 complete different set of ways on caring for babies. Lisa believes its never too early to allow her baby to start being independent. While on the other hand, her mother in law believes she needs to "do it all" for baby because she is very young to understand independency. Lisa has lost count of the times she had bury her head in her pillow and cried behind closed door. No one really is able to sympathise with her, perhaps except for the mothers' support group she is in where some mothers are facing the same complicated issue as her. Her relationship with her husband suffered too. Poor middleman husband comes home from a long day at work and find Lisa all sullen on many days. They communicated, they argued and then made up with each other, only to start the same cycle over again the next day.

It excites Lisa to know that she and her husband's home is finally going to be ready in a few more months to come. She loves the joy and unity in the family, she loves her extended family. But its time to return everyone in the family their deserved space (literally) and freedom. There are blurred boundaries while staying under one roof, where it can be easy for each other to butt into one another's life unknowingly. There is no right or wrong to stay together with in laws under one roof, but Lisa believes the family ties will be strong or if not, stronger when they live close but not too close together... 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Who Are We To Judge?

There is a Chinese actress in her late 30s, let's call her M*. M is hailed by critics and netizens as China's queen of television. She is also known for her youthful-looking beauty too. Well, as you become well known and famous, you get more negative (not just positive) comments from people. Some people like you, some people don't. A netizen who obviously isn't a big fan of M criticised her on an online forum with a photo of M's hands below her comment, "Her hands has exposed her age even if she takes good care of her face! Look at her pair of hands, they are so wrinkled!". 

A look back at M's background before she became a rising star in the film industry, she was actually a dishwasher. At the age of 15, her sick parents passed away due to inadequate medical care during the early days. M, as the eldest in the family, became the sole breadwinner of the family. She had to stop schooling to work so that she could provide for her siblings. She washed dishes in restaurants until one day, she was talent scouted by a production company while she was on her way home after work.


Keith* had been seeing the same old man loitering around his house estate aimlessly for the past few days. The old man appeared to be unkempt and had an unpleasant stench. He ate the leftovers from the diners at the eateries and slept at void decks. It was raining that day when Keith returned home from work. There, he saw the same old man sleeping at a corner of the void deck again. The old man curled up  on the chilly floor, as though he was trying to keep himself warm. Keith felt sympathy and at the same time, injustice for the old man, "He needs to be well taken care of! Where are his children? How can they treat their father in this manner?!". Keith decided that he should make this known to everyone. He snapped a photo of the old man, posted it on his social media with a headline "Unfilial children abandon Dad", only to find out that the old man's children were desperately looking for their missing senile father.


Brian is a well-to-do man with his own house, own car and is his own boss. Every now and then, there will be people who sarcastically criticise him, "We are poor, unlikely him, he can take money issues lightly because he is rich!". Until they know of his past, they would not think like how they think of him now. At 16, he came to Singapore alone to pursue his studies. His family was not wealthy to start with, he had to depend on his own after his father paid for his school fee. Brian could only afford to rent a small room with a storage cabinet and a bed in it. After graduation, he started working. He was still living in the same room at that time, until one day, he finally had enough money to buy his own place. During the years while living in the rented room, his bed was his study/working table and the floor was his chair. He hunched his back while he studied and worked on his laptop. He stands, walks and sits with a round shouldered slouch now but he has attained his goal. He was not born a rich man's son neither is his success given by anyone, he had worked for it and paid a price for it too.


Many a time, people are quick to jump into conclusions. Perhaps it is time to speak a little slower, watch a little longer and think a little deeper. Every single person on this planet has a story. Don't judge them before you truly know them because the truth may just simply surprise you. There's a saying that I totally agree with,

 "Don't judge me until you know me.
Don't underestimate me until you challenge me.
And don't talk about me until you've talked to me."

Judging someone else will only mean how insecure the person actually feels of himself. And as in the bible, Jesus had said "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her." Before anyone starts pointing fingers, make sure his/her hands are clean.. Instead of spending time judging others, why not do something else that is more meaningful? Because every moment spent judging someone else is precious time wasted..

What do you think? 

Monday, 11 January 2016

2016 New Year Resolutions for a Happier Life!

How was your 2015 so far? If you were having a good year, make it even better this year! And if you weren't, don't beat yourself up because 2016 is here for you! If you have not made any new year resolutions yet, do it now! (:

1. Save up and go on a solo travel to any places/countries you have always 
wanted to go.
When I was a cabin crew, I would explore places of a country on my own occasionally. Be it to a famous attraction or just to a park nearby the hotel. The feeling of having all the time to yourself to plan the day was  indescribable good. Anytime and anywhere at your own convenience. Try it, because we can get too busy and life can be stressful sometimes. We need some time for nothing but ourselves. To rejuvenate our mind and soul, coming back as a recharged and motivated person, ready to start working hard; working well!

Photo taken in 2013. Château De Versailles, Paris

2. Develop a good money sense. 
Before you can save or invest, you need to know your monthly expenses well. Start off with noting down the different expenses for each month. It will give you a clearer view of the essential spendings and the unnecessary expenditures which you might want to do without or cutdown on.

3. Keep Moving!
Let's not let any factors refrain us from leading a healthier lifestyle. It's time to start exercising! You don't need to go crazy on the treadmill for an hour. Start slow and be consistent is the key! Give up 15 to 30 minutes a day of your TV or cellphone time for workouts. You'll probably feel happier after a workout than scrolling the newsfeed on your cellphone and found out that some Hollywood celebrity "surprised" his fans with his new shocking platinum blonde hairstyle. 

4. Make a change to your living space.
Give your home a new look! You can rearrange furnitures, repaint the walls etc. Or anything that gives you a fresh feeling and feels good of your home. Be it having a soft warm side lamp in the living room for better ambience or getting a pot of plant for your balcony.

Photo courtesy of

5. Nurture Relationships.
Mom called one day and asked how was baby and I. I could sense that she was longing to see us from the tone of her voice. I felt horrible at that instance, realising that I haven't visited her for quite some time. Caring for my baby shouldn't be an excuse to neglect the rest of my loved ones. I wasn't so busy to an extent I have no time anything else, isn't it?  "Mama, I'll see you tomorrow." Her voice brightened up immediately, "OK! I shall see you tomorrow then!". Understand that people will never be around forever. Don't wait to show your loved ones that you care and love them because they may leave you before you know it. Start today. Every now and then,  give your family or friends you cherish a call or meet up with them.

Even to just have a simple dinner on busy days.. It makes a whole lot of difference. 

6. Challenge your limit.
I have a close friend who has a great interest in property. According to him, he has been spending years on newspaper reading and online research to help him understand more on housing and property. He challenged himself to memorise as many properties prices as possible. And now, he has quite an accurate gauge of the property prices even without having to check on them. He has since became a successful investor. Well, I don't mean that any challenges you post to yourself have to make you successful. Its just that people grow stronger as they surpass their limits over and over again. You'll be surprise how far you can go and how much insight you'll gain as you accomplish the challenge! Challenge your limit this 2016!

7. Be kind to yourself.
Lastly... When matters are not the way you hope it would be, don't beat yourself up. Instead,  be optimistic, knowing that sometimes, some things are irreversible and unchangeable. There is always sunshine after the rain. Be grateful for who you are and what you have. Love yourself too as you love your loved ones!

Wishing everyone a fruitful and happy new year ahead!